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Uncle Joey's was a part of the Apple Country Fair in Brookfield, MA this past fall. Folks just loved his delicious cannoli! Looking forward to having him join us again for this year's fair on 10/12/19!!

"A friendly owner who has passion about a great product....YUM."

"The whole experience was awesome and very yummy. 👍👍😀❤️ "

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"Two friendly people who truly care about their product and their customers. I highly, highly recommend!"

        WE NOW OFFER GLUTEN FREE CANNOLI                                         AT ALL OF OUR EVENTS !!!!

This is by far the BEST cannoli dip I ever had in my life!! The chips are awesome. Delicious food   

Good for Parties    Professional staff

Absolutely fresh and delicious cannoli filled right on the spot with a variety of different flavors and add ons. Joe is amazing at what he does and the customer service is off the charts. If you dont find an event that he is at and try for yourself, you are missing out my friend.

All ages Love our Golden Cannoli Chips

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Nerxt Event

Nerxt Event

Hebron Maple Festival: Joe, thanks for being a great vendor!!! LOVED LOVED your maple cannoli and the peanut butter one!

My Family tried Uncle Joey's Cannoli's this week they absolutely loved them.